MedsPharma supports clients to reduce their development risks, create data packages more likely to attract investors and support submissions that elicit regulators’ confidence. MedsPharma provides innovative guidance which is trusted by clients to help secure their return on investment.

What makes MedsPharma different:

The depth of knowledge needed to navigate clients’ submissions through to successful approval, including biowaivers.

Highly automated unique perfused skin penetration system (MedFlux-HT®) which can provide powerful predictive data on the performance of clients’ compounds or products.

Unique predictive ex vivo activity models.

The ability to custom develop activity models specific to the pathways MedsPharma’s clients are trying to target.

The close linking of formulation design with both drug design and product design.

Project management by subject matter experts.

The scientific integrity underpinning its work.

The flexibility to accommodate clients’ specific needs.

The speed of response to our clients’ requests.

The breadth of offering from API selection to clinical supply.

Proprietary formulation technology with the potential to enhance the clinical efficacy of our clients’ compounds.